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Joke Interests

Immortalizing the idiots and the LJ interests they have

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There are dumb people out there with dumb interests. We add these interests.

actually liking linkin park, also dicks, bahston, bass i guess, bein hxc, being an exhibitionist blogger, being puked on, being submerged in water, bracketing and parentheticals, breastfeedin, brownnosing, butter dishes, cawfy, crying behind corndog stands, cuddlology and majoring in'naked', dancing on chairs, david bowey, defective flatware, dog farts, dressing inappropriately for depositions, drinking paint, drunken civil procedure blogging, eating aryan babies, egg farts, empty letters, fangirl squees, fat fags, fatguysthatfallontheirnecksondivingboards!, finding stolen car stereos, flippancy lost on others, fragmentation and reassembly, freestyling in the shower, furious masturbation, going to hell, grandma nibbles, hairy assholes, hilariously unconscionable contracts, hitler's sensitive nature, hot jews, i will kill you, incredulity toward metanarratives, insults ending in "verily", invisiboobs, kickin punk shizzle, krakin 40s, lotsa dead guys, making fun of retards, mmm starbucks, mr.scary rapist man song, naked hitler, not smelling german, penisbird, percocet for recreation, pete wents, photographs at 45-degree angles, pieces of shit, planning entrances and exits, prancing like a tit, pretending to be dead, projectile pimple popping, propounding interrogatories, receiving hyacinths last year, resisting intentionalist interpretations, retahds, revolution.... ha just kidding, richard nixon collectibles, rollerbalding, satin worship, sex with mormons, shitfacedness, shredding documents without discretion, slappin asses, smell of fedex airbills, smokeing, smoking pretzels, snape's penis, soeing, stank, straight edge 4 life!, taking knives on airplanes, the asian, the jew van, the joy of socks, the pope is dead, thonging, understanding extravagant vocabulary, wal-mart's low prices, watching from the margins